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Please let us know what you think of our web site.
comment posted by Melodie Neff on 11-26-2017
I like your church and website it is cute. I really LOVE the fact your church provides transportation to church even though I don't make it all the time. I would love someone to visit I have been home alone 10 years or more now even all the Holidays.
comment posted by Diana Childers on 09-28-2017
Praise God for all you do. I love following and hearing when someone excepts the Lord
comment posted by Laura hogle on 10-29-2016
I love this church I love everyone there I love the gems and jewels class
comment posted by Stephanie Stanley on 01-29-2015
I think this is a great church, and I will continue to come as I can.
comment posted by Kara LeFever on 12-09-2014
Thank you for the great message, music, and welcomes. Praying for your church body & ministry!!!!
comment posted by David VPR Jalli on 02-15-2014
we so deeply appreciate the great work you are doing for the Lord's Church..............God bless.......Jalli
comment posted by J Hammond on 03-24-2013
Great church, everyone was sincere, humble, friendly.......but not overbearing. God bless you all!
comment posted by Wanda Daniels on 01-29-2013
This is a great website. Keep my family and I in your prayers. Thanks and God bless!
comment posted by dallas and patty on 12-31-2012
New move-ins to the area. Looking for a church. 740-412-0544
comment posted by Nancy Dotson & Pat Thomas on 10-15-2012
Our friends who are members of your church turned us on to your ladies meeting last weekend. It was just what we needed! Thank you for putting it together. Will be checking out your website often.
comment posted by Colleen Lara on 03-04-2012
I think this Church Website is really a nice touch to the ministries @ Heritage Baptist Church. May God Bless you Pastor and Mrs. Fowler as you continue to serve Him. Love ya
comment posted by mike mccoy on 10-31-2011
how about some music, i would love to hear the choir ,thanks
comment posted by donna shifflet on 09-29-2011
Pastor Tracy, i feel so very blessed that god brought you and brother stacy into my life ... i thank god that he worked through you to baptised me on wednesday night.. thank you for having me and coby to your church, it was amazing .. i love you brother .. god is so very good
comment posted by SHelley Norman on 09-21-2011
I am looking for a KJV Church and since we are new to Columbus I came across your site in my search. thank you
comment posted by Sarah Moore on 07-02-2011
Was wanting again to thank this wonderful church for helping my children believing and understanding that there is a god and it is the way to live I thank you again for taking the time that everyone does with the children couldn't ask for a better church to send my children to thank you and god bless you
comment posted by Pastor Larry Yost on 06-18-2011
Was good hearing you preach at Willow Valley Pastor\'s Encouragement Conference. Have put a link to your church on my website: www.pastorlarry.webs.com
comment posted by Bruce A. Wilkinson on 02-12-2011
Looking for a kJV church home and came upon your web sittee
comment posted by John E. Tuck on 12-06-2010
Hello Dr. Fowler. I really enjoyed the service tonight. I am listening to Dr. Hutsons messege as I type this. I will for sure come back for a visit.
comment posted by Ptr. Reynaldo R Aguilar on 06-27-2010
Hi! I was touched by the message of Dr. Tracy Fowler entitled "Why Hell is Better than the Ave. Church".Praise God! I feel Dr. Fowler has a deep concern for Mission. Because of His message, I learned more, how to put my heart in the ministry of God. I am ptr. Reynaldo R. Aguilar from Philippines, pastoring (Shining Light Baptist Church) a pioneering work ministry here in Taguig City. Our church is independent or a self supporting Church. God had put me in this kind of ministry, and I love doing it. I feel great every time that there is an opportunity for me to share the gospel of Jesus. Like what happen last night June 27, 2010 at the house of my cousin. There is a girl her name is Hasel Agustin only 16 yrs. old, she leave their home because of family problems. It's good that she decided to go to my cousins house and their we met each other, until I shared to her about Jesus. Thank God! she accepted Jesus Christ that night and she promise to attend the church this coming sunday. Pls include us in your prayer list. Because of Calvary, Brother Rey
comment posted by Brady on 03-30-2010
Keep up the great work for the Lord in Canal Winchester Ohio!!
comment posted by kathy andreassen on 03-08-2010
your website is wondeful. Paster Fowler, you are the best. Thanks again, for being there for Scott. Kathy andreassen (Scott\'s mom)
comment posted by Pastor Melvin Fleming on 01-07-2010
Love this website keep up the good work for the lord. www.kingdomfaithministry.org
comment posted by Joshua on 12-29-2009
Dear pastor in the Lord, Greetings. We wanted to inform you that we are a fellowship currently with 375 members. When I was saved last year 2008, my heart was on fire going around my village inviting them to come into my home for bible study. Since then, God as increased us. Therefore we have remained to be quite listening from God. However the Holy Spirit has reminded us about the website whereby immediately He has opened for us your page. We read over and over about your doctrines and beliefs. Then we returned to the fellowship seeking more Godís will. So we knew you early five months back. Now we write today requesting your Christian Love so to consider us here as fruits of your Ministry out of your anointing prayers. We invite you officially with your ministry to visit Kenya Thanks. We hope to hear from you soon. Blessings. Pastor Joshua Bosire.
comment posted by cheryl on 10-02-2009
just looking. pray for me and my family.
comment posted by Brady on 06-08-2009
I love to check the layout of your website
comment posted by stephanie Bailey on 03-18-2008
hi to all and I love this site
comment posted by Laurie Armstrong on 02-20-2008
I like the site a lot and I think this can help those that are sick and can't get out to go to church. And those that miss a service can come on to the web and still get Godís true word.